Park T&C’s / Rules

Cranford Dog Walking Meadow

Park T&C’s / Rules

    • Please pickup all dog waste in bags and place in the dog waste bins which are provided for you.
    • Please try to use plant based, Corn Starch poo bags at the park .
    • Do not let your dog dig.
    • It’s best not to arrive early for your slot in case there is anyone using the field before you. If this happens, please just park further up the farm track and make sure that they have left the secure parking area before you enter.   If the previous user is taking up your booking time then please let us know.  Please be courteous with other users at all times.  If you arrive late your booking time cannot be extended.
    • Make sure you give yourself enough time to clear up, get your dog into the car and leave before the end of your slot and the next person is due.  When you leave please re padlock the gate and set the counter to 0000
    • If you are booked into Field 2, please make sure you lock the track gate behind you when you enter and again when you leave.
    • Please make sure your children are supervised at all times.  The agility equipment in the park is for dog use only, please do not let children climb on the equipment, gates or fencing as it may get broken and any damaged caused may be charged for.  If any damage occurs please let us know straight away so that we can let the next visitors know about it.
    • Please take all your other rubbish home with you. Picnics and snacks are great but no BBQs please.
    • We ask that all dogs are fleas and wormed and are fully vaccinated.  Please do not bring your dog if they are showing signs of illness.
    • Use of the car park and paddock area is at your own risk.  Owners of the Cranford Dog Park or associated Cranford Estate Enterprise business cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss, theft, damage, injury or accident to any persons, pet or property using the paddock, parking area or farm track.
    • It is your responsibility to inspect the field and make sure it is suitable for your dog before use.  Although fences and gates are regularly checked and maintained we cannot be held responsible for any escape your dog may make. If you notice any problems or damage please let us know straight away.
    • The field is a previously farmed and ploughed field next to woods and the homes of many burrowing and digging animals so please be aware the ground may be uneven in places and there may be stones or branches.
    • All bookings are made in advance through the website unless you have a special requirement and your booking has been taken separately.
    • Professional dog walkers and trainers will need to provide evidence or Public Liability Insurance and Public Indemnity
    • We only retain your data for the purposes of booking and to contact you if we need to.  No information is shared with other parties.
    • Any photos that you send to us, tag or post on our Facebook or Instagram feed may be used on our social media feeds, our website and other marketing material unless you specially ask us not to.
    • By making a booking you are agreeing to the rules and Terms and Conditions stated here.
    • This agreement does not create any rights over the land, and you accept that the landowner maintains control and possession of the paddocks and communal areas at all times.


If your dog falls under the category of an XL Bully dog there are a few rules you will need to follow in order for your dog to use the fields.

  • It is your responsibility as the dog owner to make sure you are complying with DEFRA Government rules, if you are not in accordance with these rules you cannot use our fields.  Please visit the DEFRA page for the latest information.

  • For first time bookings make sure you select the correct booking type and register your dog with us.  You will need to upload a copy of your  certificate of exemption and your 3rd party liability insurance which specifically covers the breed and covers the dog against injury to people and animal
  • Please only use field2 or field3 as this has higher fencing all round the field and the car park.
  • Please bring your own padlock and lock yourself in the car park so that no one else accidentally enters.
  • Keep your dog muzzled and on lead if you want to walk down the track to the field. 
  • Once in the locked area you may unmuzzle and release your dog.