Field Information

Cranford Dog Walking Meadow

Field 1

Field 1 is about 1 acre in size, it has 4.5 ft secure stock fencing around it with screening from the footpath and field 2.  It has a wooden platform with ramp and tunnels for dogs to explore and climb upon, a couple of old tree trunks in the field, hay bales, jumping logs and tyres.  It also has a picnic bench and shelter where you will find compostable poo bags to use if you forget to bring your own.  It is beautifully shaded in the summer time thanks to the woods on the south side providing constant cover to that part of the field.

Field 2

Field 2 is larger than field1 at about 2 acres.  It has 6ft fencing around the field and also in the car park making it really secure.  There is a pallet podium in the field, jumping tyres & logs and a bit of a hill to run up and down.  We dot have a shelter yet but will do, for now the poo bag dispenser is attached to the wooden car park fence – field side.   Field 2 has the woods running along the south side of the field and provides a welcome shaded areas to the field in the summer time.

This field currently has a couple of small rabbit runs under the fences, most dogs completely ignore them but if you are worried your dog might try to get under please book field 1.

Field 3


Neither field have a water supply so please remember to bring water and a bowl particularly if it is hot.

Both fields have yellow bins for you to place dog waste in compostable bags and green bins for any rubbish and bags that are not compostable.