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Two secure, enclosed and private fields for walking, training and having fun with your dog.

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Both fields have secure stock fencing which includes the car park are. Field 1 is 4.5ft fencing and Field 2 is 6ft fencing


Small fields which are great for obedience training especially pups and dogs that may need work on their recall.


Lots of obstacles for enrichment including tunnels, straw bail jumps, logs, tyres to leap through and climb upon and more!

About Cranford Dog Park

In 2021 we decided to take a previously farmed field and turn it into a paddock for people to book exclusively and use when it suited their schedule. We opened in July 2022 and we hoped it would provide exactly what owners and their dogs required.  Just 6 months later and demand for the field was so high that we were fully booked from week to week, so a little sooner that we had anticipated, we opened Field 2.  We listened to feedback and have made sure this field has 6ft high fencing.

These small enclosed areas are perfect for training nervous dogs or rescue dogs – those who need their own space and may be reactive to other dogs or people but still need to run and explore.  It’s great for obedience training especially pups that may need to work on their recall.  The smaller size means you will not need to spend time walking up and down a huge field to fetch your pup when it doesn’t quite understand.  Field 1 is roughly an acre and Field 2 is nearly 2 acres.

There are a number of obstacles for enrichment including tunnels, straw bail jumps, ramps, logs, tyres to leap through and climb upon and anything else we can find that looks interesting.


We compost your dog waste to save hundreds of plastic bags going into landfill. Only plant based, Corn Starch bags are truly compostable and can be used at the park .   There should always be bags available in the shed for you to try or to use if you forget to bring some.  Use only what you need, please don’t steal them, please do not take them home. Compostable and Bio degradable are very different but easily confused so please read the blog on the website for a review I have written on bags available, where to get them and which to go for. They are not as expensive as you may think and you can feel good about having done a little bit to help the planet.

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